Table service lass than 20 pax

Menus “A” menu “B” menu “C” menu
Soups/Starters Aubergine cream with pita bread and vegetables Smoked potatoe cream soup with bacon chips Beef broth with pasta and liver dumplings
Main Dishes Farmers breaded chicken with mashed potatoes and balsamic green salad Veal stew with dumplings and mixed pickles Slowly roasted duck drumstick with duck sausage served with onion mashed potatoes and rosemary apple chutney
Desserts Home made strudel filled with cottage cheese and peach, vanilla custard Apple cake with almond crumbs and vanilla ice cream „Kazi bistro” sponge cake
Price/pax 4.000 HUF/ pax 4.500 HUF / pax 5.000 HUF / pax

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